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Rosa Danica


Denmark Denmark, Marslev

Rosa Danica

Calendar Image Growing, collecting, packing flowers.
Time Image 148 hours per month
Wallet Image 75 DKK danish krones per hour

Program description

Salary: minimum rate 11,500 DKK (1,539.13 euros) per month (gross). Tax - 9%.

Opening hours: from 6:00 (7:00) to 15:00 (16:00), depending on the season, lunch break. The minimum number of working hours is 37 per week.

Accommodation: private house, 1 person in a room 6-8 people in the house, shared kitchen, shower, toilet. Accommodation costs -2000 DKK per month.

Meals: by yourself.

Requirements for candidates

Faculty of agrobiological, plant protection, veterinary medicine, production technology and processing of animal products.

Students of 2, 3 courses and 1 year masters can take part.

Knowledge of English (KET certificate level A2 is required).

Presence of preliminary practical experience in the field of crop production (animal husbandry).

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